Protheses that fit well into an underwire bra

Protheses that fit well into an underwire bra

There are a number of prostheses that we have found fit well into an underwired Bra and we would like to pass on our recommendations.

These styles also fit well into bras that have a rounded cup and perhaps do not have wires.

Amoena NATURA 3E is an excellent fit as it is fuller at the side and dips down at the cleavage area which suits many bra styles.

However some wearers find this style a little heavy in the bigger sizes. The ESSENTIAL DELUXE LIGHT 3E is exactly the same shape but is lighter and we have found this style works very well in the bigger sizes.

Trulife Ultima Triangle also works very well as it has a rounded base, a full shape and is lighter and soft.

Silima Elegance which come in a B or C cup is another option which fit very nicely into an underwired bra as does the Silima Optimo which comes in cup A/B.

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