About Us

We have a dedicated team of healthcare professionals who have been fitting patients with prostheses and bras for many years. We offer a caring, compassionate service to all patients and offer support and advice during difficult times.

They can offer advice on Bras that are available to help choose a style that best meets your requirements. There are many pretty styles and colours to choose from, which provide comfort and fit giving confidence to the wearer.

We stock a range of prostheses, including a choice of shape, weight and texture. Our friendly team are happy to offer a guide as to which style and size would be a good fit for you to order

A personal fit would be available at our Glasgow clinic if it was an option to visit us.

Services we offer:

  • Prosthesis fitting and supply offering a wide range of styles..
  • Lingerie fitting and supply with a large selection of styles, colours and fit.
  • Bra pocketing service.

To talk to a specialist advisor please call us on 0141 440 1999 or email [email protected]. If you have any feedback on our services or what products we offer, please send an email and let us know.