Bras which give you a little more lift

Bras which give you a little more lift

Many of the bras currently available post surgery are very soft and comfortable, which is great.

However, the slight downside from this is that they sometimes lack giving a little “uplift” when needed.

Some styles do help and ones we can recommend are as follows –

The AMELIA bra gives good uplift and is of a similar design to the Triumph Doreen which was an old favourite of many women.

The DIANA Bra  has a good uplift although it is also soft and comfortable.

LOLA  is very feminine and has a good support as does NORA.

BARBARA and JASMINE give good support and separation.

JESSICA has the added benefit of a cami insert and good support.

SAFINA by ANITA is also very supportive and great for bigger sizes.


Of course there are more out there that women find give a great shape but these are a few worth considering.

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