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Size Guide

Find your bra and cup size with our handy Bra Size guide.

Size Guide

Size Guide

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Measuring Your Bra Size

Getting the right fit of your bra is so important, so we've put together this quick mastectomy bra size guide. If you’re wearing the wrong size you’ll be amazed at the difference in terms of comfort and support you’ll get from a bra once you get it right. That's why measuring your bra size is so important.

We always recommend getting fitted professionally. It can be a complicated process if you're new to it and it's much easier to let a qualified person do this for you. We know sometimes it's just not possible to visit a store so we’ve put together some advice here to help you get the right measurement at home.

To Find Your Bra Size

Measure all around your body underneath the bust. To find your bra size, add 4 inches if your measurement is an even number and add 5 inches if your measurement is an odd number.

Eg. Underbust measurement 32 inches + 4 inches = size 36. Underbust measurement 31 inches + 5 inches = size 36.

To Find Your Cup Size

To find your cup size, measure over the fullest part of the breast from the centre of chest to the centre of your back. Double this measurement. This is your cup size.

Bra Size and Cup Size Measurement guide

The underbust should be firm but comfortable and should not ride up at the back. The cup should fit the whole breast comfortably.
If you are protruding over the top of the cup or underarm, try a bigger cup size. If the cup is baggy, try a smaller cup size.

The best fit is had by bending forward slightly and letting yourself fall naturally into the cup then tightening the straps till a snug fit is achieved, without strain on the shoulders.

Pocketing Service

We offer a pocketing service for bras or swimsuits purchased without one. Our experienced sewing room can sew in a bespoke pocket specially designed for your garment.

Simply call 0141 440 1999 to arrange for us to pocket your bras and/or swimsuits. Please allow 7 days for the pockets to be added and returned to you.

How to Measure Your Bra Size