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Something Pretty Blog

Posted by in on Aug 29, 2018 .

There are a number of prostheses that we have found fit well into an underwired Bra and we would like to pass on our recommendations.

These styles also fit well into bras that have a rounded cup and perhaps do not have wires.

Amoena NATURA 3E is an excellent fit as it is fuller at the side and dips down at the cleavage area which suits many bra styles.

However some wearers find this style a little heavy in the bigger sizes. The ESSENTIAL DELUXE LIGHT 3E is exactly the same shape but is lighter and we have found this style works very well in the bigger sizes.

Trulife Ultima Triangle also works very well as it has a...

Posted by in on Feb 02, 2018 .

A new product has arrived that is able to give excellent coverage without having to wear a camisole for security.

Anita have produced two bandeau tops which clip on to the bra strap.

They are perfect for wearing under low cut shirts, blouses and tops and come in wither a very soft thin stretchy cotton or a pretty stretchy lace.

The cotton style is only available in white but the lace style comes in white, black or dark pink.

They sit snugly round the body and are a great alternative to wearing a camisole vest.

Posted by in on Nov 28, 2017 .

Many of the bras currently available post surgery are very soft and comfortable, which is great.

However, the slight downside from this is that they sometimes lack giving a little “uplift” when needed.

Some styles do help and ones we can recommend are as follows –

The AMELIA bra gives good uplift and is of a similar design to the Triumph Doreen which was an old favourite of many women.

The DIANA Bra  has a good uplift although it is also soft and comfortable.

LOLA  is very feminine and has a good support as does NORA.

BARBARA and JASMINE give good support and separation.

JESSICA has the added benefit...

Posted by in on Aug 28, 2017 .

One of the most common problems that some women face post-mastectomy is having a hollow at the cleavage area.

The concern is that when bending down or wearing something low, it's possible to see down the front of the bra making the loss of the breast more noticeable.

Wearing the right size of bra is of course the most obvious advice, especially the right cup size.

Some bras make this worse and the main problem seems to occur when the bra straps are to the outside area of the bra cup, rather than closer to the centre.  The straps being further apart give little support at the cleavage area and allows the bra to gape when...

Posted by in on May 19, 2017 .

Finding and choosing the best breast form for you is sometimes difficult due to the vast choice that is now available. Since most breast forms look similar, it can take a while reading through each one to note the differences. On the plus side, having this wider range of choice now does make it easier than ever before to achieve a really good and comfortable fit. Let's look at the best breast forms and what would make you want to choose them.

Choosing a Lightweight Breast Form

Many patients are keen to opt for a lightweight prosthesis as there are advantages in doing so. The bra doesn’t pull away when you bend down and there...

Posted by in on Apr 27, 2017 .

Although there is a huge selection of mastectomy bras now available, there are a few that we find are the most suitable for patients as a first bra after surgery. These bras are so comfortable that many patients continue to wear them longer term. The bras we would recommend for your first post-mastectomy bra are:

The Diana Bra

Wide comfortable straps, high cotton content and has a good uplift for a soft bra. The Diana bra is a bra that some ladies like to keep returning to years after surgery.

Price: £22

Anita Allie Bra

The Anita Allie bra is very similar to the Diana bra but with narrower straps and also...

Posted by in on Oct 24, 2016 .

Last week, we were delighted to be approached by the Huffington Post who were writing the article "Mastectomy Bras UK: These brands will change your perception of mastectomy lingerie."

Style writer Rosy Cherrington had some questions about what we offer and our approach to mastectomy lingerie. You can read the full Huffington Post article and we've included some of the questions & answers from our chat below.

Rosy: What made you first decide to start Something Pretty?

Diana: We provide a service to Mastectomy patients in Scotland, and many would request information about lingerie, so we decided to provide an online...

Posted by in on Oct 18, 2016 .

It occurred to me recently, after fitting patients with very varied body shapes and lifestyles, that the range of breast prostheses we have at our disposal now is very wide, both in shape and in weight. This is so important because every patient is different and having such a wide choice of breast forms available for fitting makes it much easier to try to get a “perfect fit”.

The lighter weight prostheses are now much softer and more pliable than before giving a very natural look and the range of different shapes that all the manufacturers have developed is much wider than ever before. For patients that have only lost part of...